Mykala has such an incredible story. In the last five years, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which has really taken a toll on her body, nursed her husband through two brain surgeries and 3 life threatening infections and had a baby! When we met, she was tired of carrying around the baby weight she gained during her pregnancy, and had already begun to make changes on her own. But here are her own words.

"Since I met Jen, I have found a healthy way of living as well as how to eat right. I have now lost weight but I gained so much! I gained this willpower, and strength I thought was long gone. I am working again and I am still following my plan and even though I have lost almost 100 pounds I still have a goal. I want to lose more!"

Meet Gayla "I love my coach!"
"When I met Jen, I was stuck at my highest weight ever. I reached out to her when I was at my worst. In my first 21 days of working with her, I lost 9 pounds just by following her leading. To date, I've lost 55 pounds. Through ups and downs, including the loss of my father, she's been there with exactly the kind of support I needed. I can tell you I couldn't have lost this weight without her, because I tried for 10 years to do it on my own. Thank you, Jennifer, for all you've done for me."